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Working Dogs
My Culture, Your Culture
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Start with Your Heart series
PM Writing series
Fast Forward series
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Money series
PM Science Facts series
Scientists at Work series
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First 1000 Words
What Time Is It?
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Journey to Antarctica
Dark Zones: Exploring Caves
Working Dogs (PM series, level 22)
(Cengage Australia, 2015)
For ages 7-9

Working DogsWorking Dogs use their senses in many ways. They protect people, animals and objects. Working dogs can guide people who are blind and they can pull heavy sleds. They can even be in movies or on television!

My Culture, Your Culture
(Garratt Publishing, 2014)
For ages 8-12

My Culture, Your CultureMy Culture, Your Culture will help students develop intercultural understanding. By exploring topics such as culture, identity, language and religious beliefs, students will learn to recognise cultural commonalities and to respect and appreciate differences. The book features a range of text types.

Part of the Wonderings series, My Culture, Your Culture is also available as a Big Book.

Oxford literacy series
(OUP, 2009, 2010, 2013)
For ages 5-9

Julie Haydon has written sixteen non-fiction books and two Big Books in the Oxford literacy series. This series also contains fiction (see Children's fiction.)

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Levels 1-14
• I am Molly• My Family
• My Friends• My Neighbours
• My Teachers• Values (Big Book)
• We Are Happy• On the Move!
• Giant Jumps• All About Light

I am MollyMy Teachers

Levels 15-23
• Honesty• My Cat, Opal
• A Class Scrapbook• My Pen Pal
• My Soccer Team• My Cousins
• Save our Water!• Environment & Conservation (Big Book)

A Class ScrapbookMy Cat, Opal

Start with Your Heart series
(Garratt Publishing, 2013)
For ages 5-9

Start with Your Heart is a series of children's books based on Christian themes. Julie Haydon has written four non-fiction books for the series. This series also contains fiction (see Children's fiction.)

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Levels 1-14
• The Light• Jesus, Our Teacher
• God's Children• What Is God Like?

PM Writing series
(Thomson Learning Australia, 2007 and 2009)
For ages 5-12

Julie Haydon has written 27 books in the PM Writing series. This series of fiction (titles marked with an asterisk* contain fiction) and non-fiction books has been designed to teach children about text types and writing. The books are strictly levelled.

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Levels 11-12
• Bigger• Water from a Tap
• Flags• A Picnic with Dad
• Stop! 

Levels 14-15
• Make a Money Chart• Garden Tools

Make a Money ChartGarden Tools

Levels 16-17
• My Grandma• Ice

Levels 18-19
• Play Sport!• Drums
• Honey 

Levels 20-21
• Apples• A Healthy Body
• Black Rhinos* 

Levels 22-23
• Simon the Bully*• Concert at the Arts Centre
• Tyrannosaurus rex* 

Simon the BullyConcert at the Arts Centre

Levels 24-25
• Magnets• Story Book*
• Maddie's Life Jacket* 

Levels 27-28
• Let's Dance*• An Alien World*
• Colour and Mood• Humpback Whales*
• Modern Maps• The Planets and Pluto

Let's DanceAn Alien World

Fast Forward series
(Thomson Learning, 2007)
For ages 9-14

Fast Forward is a series of fiction and non-fiction books for children in primary school and early secondary school. Each book comes with an audio CD that contains the complete text. Julie Haydon has written five non-fiction books for the series.

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Levels 19-24
• Clothes Then and Now• Locust Plague
• Earthquakes• The Antarctic Treaty
• The European Union 

Fast Forward Independent Texts
(Cengage Learning, 2009)
For ages 9-14

Fast Forward Independent Texts complement the Fast Forward series (see above). These non-fiction books are designed for independent reading and are suitable for children in primary school and early secondary school. Julie Haydon has written four books for the series.

Levels 7-25
• Cultures• Gladiators
• Space Tourism• Skyscrapers

Money series
(Macmillan Education Australia, 2006)
For ages 8-12

Money series - The History of MoneyJulie Haydon has written three of the six books in the Money series. Julie's books are The History of Money, Fundraising and Making Coins and Banknotes.

Money is what we use to pay for things. People use money to pay for goods and services. Governments use money to run the country. There is a lot we can learn about managing money well. Read the Money series to find out about:
 • The History of Money
 • Fundraising
 • Making Coins and Banknotes
 • Banking
 • Budgeting
 • Earning Money

PM Science Facts series
(Thomson Learning Australia, 2006)
For ages 5-8

PM Science Facts is a series of non-fiction science-based books for children in early primary school. Each set of non-fiction books is based on a theme. Julie Haydon has written 20 books for the series.

For more information refer to the Order Books page.

Exploring My World set
• Frogs in the Pond• Puddles
• Animals on My StreetWhat Is It Made Of?
• My New Room 

Animals in My World set
• Our Pets• Animals on Our Farm
• Mothers and BabiesMy Zoo Album
• Animal Bodies 

Exploring My Senses set
• You See With Your Eyes• I Am Blind
• HearingMy Herb Bag
• Feeling 

What Is It Made Of?My Book of the Seasons

Exploring My Planet set
• Looking at the Moon• Stars in the Sky
• Life in Hot PlacesMy Book of the Seasons
• Watching Clouds 

Scientists at Work series
(Macmillan Education Australia, 2004)
For ages 10-14

Scientists at Work series - Marine BiologistsJulie Haydon has written two of the six books in the Scientists at Work series. Julie's books are Marine Biologists and Astronomers.

Curious to know what an archaeologist does? What about a marine biologist or a meteorologist? Do forensic scientists really do gruesome detective work? Perhaps you have always wanted be a geologist or an astronomer? Read the Scientists at Work series to find out about the fascinating and unusual work of:
 • marine biologists
 • archaeologists
 • geologists
 • meteorologists
 • astronomers
 • forensic scientists

Special features appear in each book and include:
 • Case studies, presented in different text types
 • An interview with a scientist
 • Hands-on activity and 'More to do' section
 • A 'Check it out!' list of places and websites for more information.

Flying Colours series
(Thomson Learning Australia, 2003-2005)
For ages 5-9

Flying Colours is a series of fiction and non-fiction books for children in the first three years of primary school. Each set of non-fiction books is based on a theme. Julie Haydon has written numerous non-fiction books for the series.

For more information refer to the Order Books page.

Food set
Milk from a Cow • Who Is Hungry?

Water Places set
• Rock PoolsOur Sandcastle
• Lakes• A Day at the Beach
• Shells 

Milk from a CowOur Sandcastle

Plants set
• Life in the Trees• Working with Plants
• Made of Wood• Forest Fire
• Cacti 

The Arts set
Advertisements• Ballet
• Making a Book• Going to the Movies
• Puppets 


Farming set
• Flower Farms• Our Dairy Farm
• Fruit• Wool from Sheep
• Facts About Honey Bees 

Homes and Shelter set
• Homes through Time• Sea Habitats
• Underground Homes• Nests
• The International Space Station 

Transport set
• Animal Transport• The Titanic
• My Aeroplane TripHenry Ford: A Biography
• Travelling Around the City 

Animals set
• The Reptile Park• Living in Groups
• Bird Fact FileOur Puppy
• Mammals Around the World 

Henry Ford: A BiographyOur Puppy

Lift a Flap series
(Hinkler Books, 2003-2004)
For ages 2-5

Lift a Flap to discover a new world of words and pictures! These interactive picture books have been designed to delight and excite early learners.

Lift a Flap series
• Words Lift a Flap• Animals Lift a Flap
• Farm Lift a Flap• ABC Lift a Flap
• Mighty Movers Lift a Flap• Colours and Shapes Lift a Flap

First 1000 Words
(Hinkler Books, 2003)
For ages 2-6

First 1000 WordsEnchant and stimulate young minds with First 1000 Words. Children will love turning the pages to find photographs of common objects, creatures, activities, occupations and more. Each photograph is accompanied by a simple, easy-to-read caption.

Designed to educate and entertain, First 1000 Words will help children expand their vocabulary, improve their word recognition skills and understand simple themes.

First 1000 Words is the perfect introduction for children to the exciting and informative world of non-fiction.

What Time Is It?
(Hinkler Books, 2002)
For ages 5-8

What Time Is It?What Time Is It? is filled with simple everyday activities that children will relate to, to help them learn to tell the time.

Each chapter is based on a single event in a typical child's day, such as Breakfast, Getting dressed, Time for a wash, At school, Lunchtime, After-school fun, Dinner, Time for a bath and Bedtime.

By moving the hands on the clock to imitate the time shown at the start of each chapter, children will become familiar with time-telling.

What Time Is It? contains:
 • an easy-to-read clock with moveable hands
 • fun-filled chapters based on a child's daily routine
 • gorgeous photographs with simple captions to help increase a child's vocabulary and word recognition skills.

Focus series
(Thomson Learning Australia, 2001-2003)
For ages 5-11

Julie Haydon has written more than 60 books in the Focus series. This series of non-fiction books has been designed to help children develop their reading and writing skills. The books are based on science and SOSE (studies of society and environment) themes. The text types used in the series are report, recount, verse, procedural, explanatory and expository.

The Focus series includes Shared Books. These are large books that can be used by teachers in classrooms for shared reading.

For more information refer to the Order Books page.

Focus 1
The Sun• Smooth or Rough?
• What Grows?• Birds
• Is It Metal?• I Can See
• The SeasonsNow It's Hot!
• Footprints• The Five Senses

The SunNow It's Hot

Focus 2
• A River's JourneyThe Birthday Cake
• Homes Around the World• Insects
• Glass• Three Jars Full
• A Coral ReefGood to Eat
• My Hobby• Jobs for Dogs

The Birthday CakeGood to Eat

Focus 3
• Wild WeatherEveryday Machines
• Fabulous Fish• Camouflage
• The Frog Report• Planet Earth
• Earthworms People of the Ice Age
• You Can Recycle!• Working Together  

Everyday MachinesPeople of the Ice Age

Focus 4
• Shaping the Earth• At the Coal Mine
• 15 Facts About Snakes• From a Tree
Making a MapPlanets of Our Solar System
• Fun with Magnets• Your Heart and Blood
• Fossil Fuels• Early Inventions

Planets of Our Solar SystemMaking a Map

Focus 5
• Emergency Workers• Food Chains
• Energy for the Future• Planet Earth Fact File
• Endangered MammalsMission: Steel
• Dangerous Professions of the Past• A Helping Hand
• What Is Democracy?Your Super-computer

Mission SteelYour Super-computer

Focus 6
• The United Nations• Children Around the World
• Plants• The Chocolate Trail
• The Hunted• The Birthday Feast (co-written with
Heather Hammonds)
Our New Computer • Maps
Our Magazine Article • Empire Builders

Our New ComputerOur Magazine Article

Focus Shared Books
• A Material World• My Animal Scrapbook
Day and Night Diary • Your Amazing Senses

Write & Wipe series
(Hinkler Books, 2001)
For ages 4-6

Write & Wipe series
• Write & Wipe Learning - ABC• Write & Wipe Learning - Numbers
• Write & Wipe Learning - Writing• Write & Wipe Learning - Spelling

Journey to Antarctica
(Nelson Thomson Learning, 2001)
For ages 10-13

Journey to AntarcticaBridget Allan is going on an Antarctic adventure, but she's keeping in touch via email. Journey to Antarctica and learn all about the extreme climate, the amazing ice formations, the magnificent wildlife, and the living conditions on the most isolated continent on Earth.

Dark Zones: Exploring Caves
(Nelson Thomson Learning, 2001)
For ages 10-13

Dark Zones: Exploring CavesHave you ever imagined what life is like hundreds of metres below the surface of the earth? There is no sunlight here, no green plants and no birds. Descend to the Dark Zones to learn all about the world of caves. You'll need special equipment, including a helmet with a light, and some experienced companions to join you!

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